The Ngoboyi Culture

Ngoboyi’s undertaking is never to compromise on efficiency, quality or honesty in our dealings with customers. We understand that all customers are unique and have different needs.  It’s with this thought in mind that we support the customer in whatever way is needed. We also realise that the customer comes first and we strive to let our customers concentrate on their core business while we take care of their other investments. Our goal is to help our clients utilise technology that will help reduce costs, solve business challenges and stay competitive. The areas of our specialisation are bound by the integrity and purpose to serve our customers’ needs by providing competitive prices without compromising for quality.


Partnering with the best

As no company can be “all things to all people”, we have working relationships with other companies in the same business sectors to ensure that where solutions require additional capital or technical expertise these are available to our clients. This enables us to tackle any contracts no matter how big and small. We subscribe to the belief that ‘you can test how someone handles large projects by the way they handle the smaller ones’.


Our Key Clients

Our passion for client success is what makes us different. Our people are fully aware that without client success there can be no company success. This promotes a work ethic that is based on cooperation and not on confrontation.


Our International Intentions

Our long-term intention is to grow our business and take our services to the African continent.


Our Communities

Our point of departure when it comes to local communities is to endeavor as best as possible to hire from the local community when engaging in a project. This approach contributes to the stimulation of the economy in that particular community and is a part of our Corporate Social investment. We have special consideration for the inclusion of black women. Women and youth are a part of our empowering programmed on all al levels of our operations. We would also like to foster the participation of the girl child in the study of Mathematics and Science subjects and encourage them to take up careers in engineering.

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The Ngoboyi Innovation Centre, 40 St James Street, Ferndale,
Randburg, 2194

Phone: +27 11 472 5615   –   +27 11 791 3440